What is Pastel Goth?

What is Pastel Goth?

Sugar, spice, and everything nice” may be words used to describe the “Powerpuff Girls.” Yet, they’re also the ideal ways to describe pastel goths.

Pastel goths are known for being an offshoot of gothic culture and fashion. The look quickly gained traction in the late 2000s, catering to those who wanted to idyllically mix eerie with adorable.

If you think the pastel goth scene may be right for you, keep reading to discover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this unique group.

What Are Pastel Goths?

Pastel goths are essentially people who want to embrace goth culture's creepy and morbid aspects in a vibrant and “cute” way. In fact, many pastel goths enjoy dipping into “kawaii” aesthetics. 

They’re mainly focused on the fashion element, which differs significantly from the trad goths inspired almost exclusively by their music choices. That said, they tend to have a wide range of music interests not limited to gothic rock. 

As the name suggests, pastel goths love to wear pastel colors, with some favorites being pink, purple, mint, and blue. Up against a gothic-friendly all-black background, the pastel goth look is undeniably vibrant and eye-catching.

What Do Pastel Goths Wear?

In many ways, a pastel goth is like any other goth type. They enjoy wearing all-black clothing from head to toe and add plenty of gothic motifs into their aesthetic.

Of course, one main thing sets pastel goths apart from the goth crowd - pastel elements.

Let’s take a closer look at a “typical” pastel goth wardrobe:

Goth Shirts/Dresses/Pants

Although the pastel goth won’t look like a traditional goth, in the end, the look begins the same - with goth shirts, dresses, and pants.

For example, a pastel goth won’t hesitate to start her look with a lace-up corset and a pair of lacy pants complete with a cross motif. However, they can also wear a dress or a more laid-back t-shirt.

Goth Shoes - With a Twist

Pastel goths don’t differ too much with their shoes, either. They wear the typical platform boots or chunky shoes.

However, their footwear comes with a twist.

When applicable, most pastel goths will swap their shoelaces for pastel, brightly-colored shoelaces. This adds a bit of whimsical aesthetic to their look, which is critical to putting together a pastel goth attire.


Pastel Outerwear

Pastel goths love to wear outerwear such as jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts.

Yet, their outwear is nothing like the regular goth outerwear.

This is really where the “pastel” takes center stage, as many reach for outerwear that’s pastel-colored. 


Aside from their outwear, another place where pastel goths show off their vibrant color is their leggings

Whether it’s a pair of leggings or stockings, pastel goths reach for the most brightly-hued garments. They may also be seen wearing stockings/leggings riddled with exciting and out-of-the-box prints and designs.


Like any other type of goth, pastel goths wouldn’t be complete with their accessories.

Now, pastel goths can wear a wide range of styles. Some like to add more spook to their aesthetic and reach for creepy gothic motifs or lots of spikes.

There are others that want to play up the cute side, though. In this case, they’ll opt for items that lean more toward adorable than scary, such as a sweet moon choker. Some also enjoy wearing character accessories, like Hello Kitty.

Large, dangly earrings are also popular among pastel goths.


Pastel Goth Hair and Makeup

A pastel goth’s look certainly does not stop at her outfit; it’s also about nailing the hair and makeup.


Colorful Hair

Almost every pastel goth sports pastel-colored hair. Whether it’s a singular shade or a blend of colors to create a “unicorn-like” appearance, pastel color is the way to go!

Yet, that doesn’t mean you have to nix black hair altogether.

Adding black locks to your look is a great idea, as it will amplify the “goth” side of your appearance.

Stick to adding a few black streaks or creating an ombre hair color with black on the top or bottom.

Goth Makeup

For the most part, pastel goths lean toward traditional gothic makeup. That said, you’ll usually find them wearing very dark red or black lipstick. Eye makeup is also quite heavy, with a lot of black and darker hues.

Some pastel goths like to add some color to their makeup, which is totally fine. Sometimes, it’s done by adding pastel shades to the eyes. Other times, it’s adding sparkles or gems around the face. 

Hair Accessories

Pastel goths really enjoy wearing hair accessories, too.

This can be in the form of charming little hats, adorable headbands, or even bows.


A Pastel Goth’s Lifestyle

Finally, we need to understand a pastel goth’s lifestyle to get a complete picture of what this offshoot is all about.


Pastel goths can basically listen to anything. A lot of them listen to mainstream music but still have a passion for gothic rock and grunge metal. Really, there is no right or wrong for this goth offshoot.


The attitude of a pastel goth is different from other goths. They’re less focused on being exclusive and non-conforming. 

Instead, they don’t mind being a part of the mainstream and have a more laid-back and silly personality. 


Two of the top pastel goth icons include Melanie Martinez and Venus Angelic. Both are known for their pastel goth-inspired aesthetics, although Melanie is known for her singing and songwriting, while Venus is famous for her makeup tutorials and fashion hauls.


If you want to add some piercings to rev up your pastel goth style, consider adding lip or septum piercings. These are the two most common piercings found within the pastel goth community!

Pastel Goth - The Cute Version of Traditional Goth

Simply put, a pastel goth focuses on emerging spooky with cutesy. The result is a style that has just the right amount of morbidness with plenty of layers of bright colors and adorable elements. If you want to indulge in the goth look while still being charming, sweet, and playful, pastel goth may be the look for you.
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