How to Dress Goth in Winter?

How to Dress Goth in Winter?

Do you think you need to give up your spookiness for the winter season?

Think twice.

There are plenty of ways to enhance your morbid aesthetic, even when the temperatures drop near zero degrees - or, you know, almost as cold as your gothic heart. 

Nine Outfit Ideas to Keep You Warm (And Ghoulish)

Whether you’re a mall goth, trad goth, or somewhere in between, we have nine outfit ideas to ensure you represent your macabre style without freezin’ those bones.

1. Striped Sweater + Mini Dress


Now, I know what you’re thinking - “A mini dress in winter?” And the answer is “Yes!

For those winter days that aren’t too bone-chilling cold, this is the perfect look.

Featuring a cozy striped sweater and an enticing gothic mini-dress, this look has just the right amount of “spook” for any winter morning.

If you need to up the cozy factor, throw on some warm leggings or stockings.

Oh, and don’t forget to finish the style with your favorite accessories. The spiked collar paired with necklace pieces of varying lengths is a great yet subtle option that ties the look together wonderfully.

2. Long Jacket + Leather Pants


For some, there’s no such thing as a “slightly less cold” winter day. 

Sound like your area? Then you need something that will keep you a bit cozier during the winter months.

Enter: this fantastic outfit that’s as morbid as it is intoxicating.

The look starts with a black corset and a pair of edgy leather pants. Then, she throws on a very long and spooktacular coat that can be worn closed or open. To finish off the style, she opts for a goth woman favorite: lace-up boots with heels.

We can’t help but mention how much we love the striking silver fox hair, too. It’s the ideal accompaniment for the winter season. Paired with dark red lips, a pale face, and the right amount of dark eye color, it’s a winter gothic dream come true.

3. Long-sleeved Shirts



Sometimes, looks don’t have to be over the top.

If you’re going for a more laid-back and casual winter goth aesthetic but don’t want to fall short on the spookiness, this is a superb choice.

Long-sleeved shirts will keep you nice and cozy all winter long. You can easily pair them with leggings, black pants, or black jeans. The options are endless!

Need to increase the morbidity? Don’t worry - you can

Take a note from this gal’s book and reach for black makeup on the eyes and lips paired with a pale face. Don’t forget to go with jet-black locks and tack on as many gothic accessories as you please.

4. Black Jacket + Pants



Most people go with their favorite jacket and pair of pants during the winter season. And essentially, this look displays the same concept - with a gothic twist.

To recreate this perfectly spooky and warm outfit at home, all you need is a black jacket, a pair of black pants, and plenty of accessories. Garters are a great way to add gothic elements to your pant choice.

5. Beanies




There’s nothing worse than cold ears on a cold winter afternoon - yes, even for a vampire such as yourself.

Does that mean you should suffer through it, though? No way!

Do as any “good” (or maybe we should say bad) goth and throw on a beanie.

Beanies are a great way to add an extra touch of gothicness to your look while also ensuring you stay extra warm - even on the coldest evenings.

6. Long Dress


You may have thrown your mini dresses to the back of the closet with the impending winter season inching closer. That doesn’t mean your longer garments must meet the same fate, though.

Long dresses are an easy way to look like a gothic princess without getting too cold. (Although we recommend having some type of coat or jacket nearby - just in case.)

Add some grisly accessories to complement your outfit, such as a choker or necklace.

7. White Attire


Many people associate goth clothing with black or other dark colors. Yet, this outfit proves that you can look like a creepy snow goddess - if you really try to.

Her exotic look showcases a white corset, a fluffy white coat, and a long white skirt. What truly makes this aesthetic “goth-friendly” is the inclusion of mysterious and dark makeup paired with blood-red locks. 

There are also impressively large jewelry pieces featuring goth motifs, such as oversized moon earrings and a statement necklace, adorned to complete the look.

8. Fuzzy Overcoat


You might think a fuzzy overcoat can’t be goth; it’s just a “regular” overcoat. Well, this style proves that you can make almost any garment and make it look spooky. It’s more so up to the entire aesthetic rather than a single piece.

So, how does she create a morbid-looking fuzzy overcoat?

For one, she pairs her jet-black overcoat with a pair of black gloves and boots. 

She doesn’t stop there, though. She makes sure her style is the epitome of a gothic attitude by also including dark hair and makeup. 

Altogether, her look screams goth while still being classy and unique.

9. Striped Pants + Leather Jacket


For our final get-up, we take a look at a girl wearing pinstripe pants, a skull t-shirt, and a leather jacket. 

The gothic feel is idyllically enhanced with a pair of chunky gothic motorcycle boots and a few accessories.

Together, this look has a definite gothic appeal, yet it’s fun enough for school days. 

Gothic Winter Fashion as Cold as Your Heart

Dressing goth when it’s chilly isn’t complicated. With the right garments, you can throw together a top-notch goth wardrobe that is as warm as macabre. Always remember to mix and match with outfits until you feel 100% comfortable and uniquely you. Also, keep in mind that just about any black outerwear can be “gothed up” with the right accessories and makeup.

What’s your favorite goth winter outfit?

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