Everything To Know About Nu Goth

Everything To Know About Nu Goth

What is Nu Goth: A Beginner’s Guide

There are many different types of gothic subcultures out there. Some are distinct and have been around since the dawn of time (we’re looking at you, trad goths), while others are relatively new and eccentric, such as cyber goths.

One goth subculture that’s been around for a while, yet focuses on modern and contemporary vibes, is nu goths. 

Have you wanted to know what the nu-goth scene is all about? Then you’ve found the right article! Below, you will discover everything there is to know about the nu-goth subculture, from what they wear to the types of music they enjoy listening to. 

What is a Nu Goth?

A nu goth is a “new goth,” which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about this subculture. Essentially, they’re the newest take on traditional goths, opting for a more modernized approach to the goth appearance and lifestyle.

That said, nu goths often have a more laid-back and open-minded approach compared to other goth subcultures. This is likely why the nu-goth umbrella includes various types of goths that are a bit more carefree, including geek goths and corp goths. They even accept “baby bats” and “mall goths,” two subcultures that a trad goth individual would likely reject.

Nu goths aren’t as rigid as other goths and enjoy a broader range of music. They also tend to be more happy and joyful compared to other gothic mindsets. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t on board with all things creepy and spooky while believing that life is, after all, meaningless.

Nu Goth Style

When you first look at a nu goth, you might not notice a difference between them and traditional goths, or “trad goths.” The fact of the matter is the two dress very similarly. However, a few differences and staples within the nu-goth community set them apart from trad goths (and other goth subcultures).

Dark Colors


Where nu goths and all other goths are similar is the fact that they readily embrace dark clothing. A nu goth’s favorite color is, of course, black. Yet, they may also wear some other shades, such as deep purple and blue.

Modern and Minimalistic


Where their look slightly differs is their approach to wearing dark and spooky clothing. They tend to have a more modern and minimalistic approach that features simplicity. Simply put, they don’t go crazy with the accessories like other goth subcultures and focus on creating a clean-cut style - that’s still plenty of macabre.



Although nu goths don’t go heavy on accessories like other types of goths, they still wear their fair share of accessories. Some crowd favorites include chokers, round and oversized sunglasses, harnesses, and jewelry. Their accessories can have various gothic motifs, from crosses and pentagrams to moons and stars.

Platform Shoes/Boots


Like many other goth subcultures, nu goths embrace chunky footwear. They can be seen wearing platform shoes or boots, which add height, boldness, and edginess to their overall aesthetic. The chunkier, the better.

Dresses, Skirts, Crop Tops, and Leggings

While there is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to articles of clothing, the three most popular choices for nu goth women are dresses, skirts, or leggings. 

The dresses are shorter and more subtle than others, such as the extravagant ones worn by Victorian or Romantic goths.

When wearing a skirt or a pair of leggings, nu-goth gals typically wear some edgy crop tops. On chilly days, nu goths almost always reach for black leather jackets to keep up the fierce appeal of their aesthetic.

Nu Goth Hair and Makeup

Nu goth hair and makeup don’t differ much from other goths, mainly traditional goths. They typically wear darker shades of makeup. However, their version is slightly different, with a contemporary twist that matches their garments.

Let’s take a closer look:

Dark Hair Colors


Although black hair reigns supreme in the nu-goth world, nu-goths are far more likely to incorporate other dark hues into their mane. For example, they may add a touch of blue or green, as shown in this photo. Some nu goths even reach for pastel shades to add pizazz to their darker aesthetic.

Curls and Waves


Many nu-goth women wear their hair slick and straight, which looks fabulous. However, many nu-goth women enjoy adding some texture to their strands. The most common options include loose curls or waves. 

Dark Lipstick


Staying on trend with the typical goth look, nu goths often opt for darker lip color shades. Their favorite colors include black, red, and purple. Some may also go with more unconventional choices.

Pale Foundation


Another key element of nu goth appearances is their pale complexion. Yet, their appearance isn’t *as* pale compared to other types of goths. 

Eye Makeup


To finish off a nu-goth style, you can’t forget the eye makeup! When it comes to eye makeup, the darker, the better. 

Now, the look can range from simple to incredible - depending on how the nu-goth wants to wear her makeup. The goal is to make it look modern yet spooky.

Nu Goth Music Choices

Nu goths readily enjoy the “typical” types of goth music that other goths want, including darkwave, industrial, and post-punk. Yet, they also tend to have a more diverse range of music they enjoy. This sets them apart from traditional goths, who are pretty rigid in the music they listen to.

Some of the most listened-to bands by nu-goths include Drab Majesty, She Past Away, Cold Cave, Health, The Soft Moon, and Boy Harsher. 

The Nu Goth Realm: A Modern Symphony of Gothic Style

Put simply, nu goths are the new wave of traditional goths to hit the scene. They focus on a modernized approach to the gothic appearance and lifestyle, enjoying a sleek and spooky aesthetic paired with an open mind. They’re still plenty into the macabre but tend to have a more lighthearted approach to life with a diverse range of music tastes.

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