Cyebr Goth: Facts You Should Know

Cyebr Goth: Facts You Should Know

If you’ve ever seen someone who appears “gothic” yet displays a neon and futuristic aesthetic, you might’ve spotted a cyber goth.

Cyber goths are a unique subculture within the goth community. They’re well-known for their love of industrial music and the rave culture, which speaks through their intricate fashion choices. 

Wondering what the cybergoth subculture is all about? Learn all the facts below!

What is a Cyebr Goth?

If you’ve spent over a few years on the internet, you’ve likely heard of the term “cybergoth.” And you can probably thank this video for that. 

But what exactly is this gothic subculture?

Simply put, if you threw goth, industrial, and raver into a blender, blended it up, and poured out the final product, you’d have a cyber goth. That’s because this type of goth blends elements from all three scenes, creating a truly unique and eye-catching aesthetic.

To much surprise, the style was initially coined in 1988. However, it didn’t gain traction until the 1990s, with a noticeable boost in the early 2000s. Since the release of the iconic dance video (and following memes), the style has decreased in popularity - although that could change in a split second!

What Do Cyber Goths Wear?

A cyber goth’s look can really be described in two words: fluorescent and futuristic. This creates a standout appearance that’s genuinely different from any other goth subculture type.

Let’s take a closer look at their intriguing get-up:



With their love of futuristic designs, cyber goths are commonly seen wearing latex

Whether it’s a corset, skirt, a pair of boots, or another article of clothing, latex remains a staple in the cyber goth community.

Remember that these latex garments can be the typical goth black or display bright and colorful neon shades to make the look really pop.

Neon/Fluorescent Colors


If there’s one thing for sure about a cyber goth, you can spot them from a mile away.

Sure, their goggles or interesting hair might gain some looks, but the larger-than-life color choices make them the center of attention. 

Cyber goths have a love for fluorescent colors, especially pink, green, blue, and red. 

These colors can typically be seen from head to toe, whether intermingled in their locks, worn on their garments, or dispersed in their eye-catching accessories.

Basically, a cyber goth will break up their jet-black clothing with some very bright shades.

Gas Masks


To say a cyber goth loves gas masks would be a serious understatement. 

Cyber goths are almost always wearing gas masks. This enhances their futuristic aesthetic to the fullest while adding an undeniable creepy element perfect for indulging in the gothic scene.

Keep in mind that regular masks can also be worn. However, they will tend to have gothic motifs or designs to ensure they’re displaying a dreadful finish.



Gas masks aren’t the only staple in a cyber goth’s get-up; they’re also known for their iconic goggles.

Goggles are typically worn on top of the head. Again, this is most likely to pronounce the futuristic appearance and create a style that’s genuinely eclectic and different from other goth styles.

Platform Boots


With the bright neon shades, goggles, and gas masks, finding the connection between goth and cyber goth can be challenging.

But one article of clothing from “traditional goths” that cyber goths have embraced is platform boots.

Cyber goths love boots, and the chunkier they are, the better.

They’re also keen on knee-high black boots with lots of edgy laces and buckles.

Leg Warmers


As a cyber goth, you wouldn’t be caught dead without a pair of leg warmers.

Leg warmers - especially faux fur and very fluffy ones - are integral to a cyber goth’s image.

They’re worn on top of their platform boots and thigh-high socks and are the ideal way to finish a cybergoth style.

Cyber Goth Hair and Makeup

Needless to say, the cyber goth aesthetic is elaborate and one-of-a-kind. But their exciting style doesn’t stop there. Cyber goths are also famous for their distinctive hair and makeup, which pull the look together amazingly.

Colorful Locs


Sure, cybergoths can wear their hair however they want.

But the most popular way to style their hair is with colorful faux locs, known in the cyber goth community as “cyberlox.”

Cyberlox looks like dreadlocks, but they’re made with specific coiling materials to create the shape and length. 

Cyber goths typically wear a blend of black and brightly-colored cyberlox, ranging from blood-red shades to neon greens and pinks. Regardless, the cyberlox will typically match the other cyber goth’s garments. 

Matching Makeup


Cyber goths typically want their look to be “fluid” from head to toe. This simply means they stick to the same color palette and usually do not deviate - including the makeup.

For example, if a cyber goth girl is wearing bright neon green in her outfit, she’ll also choose green accents in her hair and makeup. 

Makeup tends to be bold, with heavy attention to the eyes. This is mainly because cybergoths typically wear masks, so their eyes need to do most of the talkin’. Yet, they don’t leave their lips bare. Most cyber goths opt for traditional goth lips, wearing black or other deep hues.

Some cybergoths will add other elements to their makeup. Glitter and gems are pretty popular, especially on the eyes and cheeks. They can also choose UV-responsive makeup that lights up under blacklight or includes futuristic accents like metallics or circuit-like patterns.

Cyber Goth Music

One of the standout differences between cyber goths and other goths is their music choice.

Cybergoths tend to listen to industrial and electronic music. 

Some favorite artists include Angelspit, Noisuf-X, Psyclon Nine, Skinny Puppy, Combichrist, VNV Nation, and X-RX.

Cyber Goth - The Futuristic, Brightly Colored Gothic Subculture

The cybergoth is essentially the neon and innovational version of traditional goths, yet still holds the macabre near and dear to their hearts. They’re just as spooky as any other goth, although they tend to listen to industrial and electronic music. Cybergoth may be your perfect subculture if you enjoy this style and music.

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