Can Goth Be Colorful?

Can Goth Be Colorful?

When someone hears the word “goth,” they automatically think of someone draped in black from head to toe.

What may surprise you, though, is that goth isn’t always black-on-black-on-black.

Several goth subcultures readily embrace every color on the spectrum, including perky pastel pinks and electric shades of blue.

However, even those who don’t engage in these subcultures may still wear specific colors. They’ll stick to darker shades, though.

Keep reading to find out more about whether or not goths can indeed be colorful.

Can Goths Be Colorful? The Truth

The truth of the matter is yes, goths can be colorful.

There are three reasons for this.

First and foremost, many gothic subcultures utilize all different kinds of colors and incorporate them into their outfits.

Secondly, although most goths prefer black, they can still indulge in other darker hues. This can embody colors from blood red to dark blue.

There are no hard and fast rules for being goth. As a goth, you can wear whatever you want. So, if you feel like wearing some bright colors one day, do it. There’s no right or wrong way to do goth - always do what feels “right.”

Finally, there is the argument that goth is more of a feeling than an aesthetic. So, even someone walking around in the trendiest clothes could potentially identify as “goth” because of their thoughts, feelings, and interests.

Colorful Goth Subcultures

While you might not find trad goths with a colorful wardrobe, other subcultures are packed to the brim with colors! Here are the top three goth subcultures that wear plenty of shades.

Pastel Goths


As the name suggests, pastel goths wear a lot of pastel colors. They’re unafraid to drip their toes into daintier shades, such as baby pink, blue, or yellow. 

Although they wear “cuter” and “brighter” colors, they can be just as frightening. That’s because a pastel goth adds gothic elements to their look, ensuring they look like an adorable creepy doll that’s something right out of a horror movie.



The best way to describe a cybergoth is “neon goth from the future.” They typically wear all shades of neon, including bright reds, purples, and greens. 

Their looks also incorporate numerous gothic elements, namely the thigh-high leather boots, corsets, and accessories.

A staple of cyber goth aesthetic is the gas mask and goggles, which are equally futuristic and terrifying - making this a unique take on “goth.”

Mall Goth


Mall goths are like any other goths - they love to wear black.

The big difference is that mall goths incorporate mainstream elements into their looks - which many goth subcultures would never dream of doing.

While this doesn’t always equate to colorful outfits, there is a much higher chance of them wearing some colors than other goths. 

Fairy Goth


Although many goths have a love of witches and vampires, a fairy goth is quite different. 

As the name suggests, they are passionate about mystical fairies, especially those found in the woods.

While their attire can vary drastically, many fairy goths adorn themselves with daintier pieces sporting lovely shades, such as a muted pink or purple. 

Colors That Many Goths Wear

Unless you’re a part of specific goth subcultures, most goths won’t wear bright, pastel, frilly, or neon colors. 

However, that doesn’t mean it’s all colorless in a goth world.

Goths can wear other dark and morbid shades that are just as eerie as a jet-black ensemble.

Some of the typical “goth colors” may include:



Almost any goth will agree that red and black were a match made in heaven - or should we say hell?

With the spookiness of black and the firey, dangerous, and powerful shade of red, the red-and-black combination is commonly seen on all types of goths.

Some may prefer a bright red shade - the color of blood. This vampiristic approach is undeniably popular.

However, others prefer a darker shade of red, similar to wine. This is a more luxurious and elegant shade commonly seen with Victorian goths or those who prefer a more romantic aesthetic.



Often associated with the dark skies of midnight, blue is another common shade in a goth’s closet. 

Blue evokes emotions of deepness, seriousness, and power. That said, it’s clear to see why blue - especially dark blue - garments and accessories are commonly worn by goths of all types.



Spooky and mysterious, purple is the third most popular color in most goth closets. 

Again, a darker shade of purple is typically preferred over lighter ones. It adds to the overall complexity and divinity of the color, adding some undeniable depth to one’s aesthetic. 



There is something about a black-and-white combination that’s terrifying - almost ghostly.

When worn correctly, a goth can be just as creepy - if not moreso - than wearing all black.

Of course, white garments are always paired with some black elements and goth motifs. 

Wearing white can act as a blank slate for a goth, allowing them to express themselves in a unique way. For many, this equates to dramatized hair, makeup, and accessories to set the macabre tone.

Do Goths Always Have to Wear All Black?

Although black is the most common and popular choice for goths, they don’t always have to wear all black. In fact, many goths enjoy wearing a wide variety of “deep” colors, including red and purple. Some goth subcultures wear bright shades of pink, blue, green, and other shades, too. In the end, you can wear whatever you want!

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